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Our Mission 

Sidekick Solutions is here to help strengthen the online presence of service-oriented businesses through engaging and creative digital marketing tools and strategies.


Our clients enjoy the creative ways we help them grow their business and they share their experiences below. We believe that hearing directly from people who have used our services is a great way to get a sense of the value that we provide. Our testimonials are written by real people who have had real experiences, and we are proud to showcase their positive feedback. We hope that these testimonials will give you a better understanding of what you can expect when you choose to work with us as we provide internet marketing services for service-oriented businesses in the Orange County area. So, please take a moment to read through the testimonials that follow and see what our customers have to say about us.

My sidekick has been an invaluable and trusted resource as I navigate an ever changing business climate. As a respected and trusted member of my professional community, I have turned to the my sidekick to help me continue to make quality decisions and stay inspired. She has not only helped me hammer out next steps but has also helped me expand my vision and understanding of my resources. Most importantly she has the crucial ability to tap into my personal well of creativity and energy that stem from an authentic desire to serve.

Mayli Levin

Educator, CEO

We highly recommend Sidekick Solutions to anyone who seeks to take their business to the “next level.” We were doing great but we hit a roadblock trying to develop and increase revenue for the resource activity that we were doing. Mae at the Sidekick Company had the business expertise to guide us in the direction we wanted to go. She has an amazing knowledge of marketing and internet platforms. She asked us the right questions that really helped us assess our goals and what we needed to do to move toward our goals. She then followed up with targeted advice and a timeline with steps to accomplish those goals.  She was very patient, kind and professional. She also has great communication skills. They always went above and beyond the task, and was always encouraging. Mae poured her heart into our endeavor and brought some great ideas to our project. We would definitely hire her again

Tom Nelson

Attorney, CEO

Sidekick Solutions helped me solve a business problem I was trying to find a solution for for a year. Mae is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I highly recommend their services.

JoAnn Adams

Bookkeeper, CEO


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